Professor Bridget Hogg

Professor Bridget Hogg is a veteran Bahamian educator. She loves being in the education field, working amongst her colleagues to serve the students and , through them, do her part in contributing to the building of the Bahamian nation.

She started post secondary education with an International Baccalaureate, at the United World College of The Atlantic in South Wales. UK. This experience gave the opportunity to interact, build friendships and learn from persons from around the globe. The United World experience was a living demonstration of the possibilities that could arise when youth from varied national, ethnic, religious ,cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds  worked together for a common purpose. Bridges could be built and barriers broken. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree and Master’s degree at the University of The West Indies, Mona Campus and conducted research at UWI Tropical Metabolism Research Unit.

Professor Hogg has served at the College of the Bahamas and University of the Bahamas for the past 30 years as faculty , Chemistry Department Head, School Chairperson, Researcher and Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas Executive . She has also served as a Senator on the Academic Senate and presently is the Faculty Trustee on the University of The Bahamas Board of Trustees.

 She has interacted with students as an instructor and advisor at the university as well as with community based free tutorial services. She has maintained contact with several former students, continuing to give advice when requested and serving as a sounding board for their research and professional proposals. She welcomes the opportunity to continue to share her knowledge and experiences with others  through mentoring.