Ms Baipidi Loungo Gwen Kgabi

Ms Baipidi Loungo Gwen Kgabi, a retired teacher trainer, has extensive experience working with schools in Botswana, first as teacher and later a teacher trainer of English language teachers.  As a teacher trainer she pioneered a reading programme for learners whose first language was not Setswana, helping them to deal with Setswana as a second or third language and English as a third language in an education system that uses English as an instructional language.

She worked with UNICEF to assist teachers deal with cultural shock as they settled in remote schools. Having served in the Botswana Cultural Council, enhanced her experience in the Out of School Education Programme for Children which targeted mostly children in disadvantaged circumstances. Coordinated material production for Adult Basic Education Programme and translated the Mathematics text into San language.

Under UNFPA she trained and conducted Population and Family Life Education workshops countrywide for teachers and local authorities. She also has run Living Values Educational Program for teachers. She takes a Human rights perspective to education.