Dr Jummai Garba

Dr. Jummai Garba currently works as counseling psychologist and lecturer in the Psychology department of Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna Nigeria. She has a Masters and Doctorate degrees in educational psychology a professional teacher and teacher educator for 35 years. She worked with National Teachers’ Institute, Nigeria as programme designer and course development during which she headed the Continuous Teacher Professional Development (CTPD) and later head of Programme Design and Development (PD & D) division. She still serves as online facilitator for Green Teacher Environmental Education for NTI and currently consultant and mentor for Family Life Health and Emerging Issues (FLHEI) for UNESCO Nigeria. She participated and presented papers at workshops and conferences both national and international. She has also published papers in national and international journals and currently a reviewer for International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS). Jummai is a widow with 6 children 2 male and 4 females.